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About The Aspen Grove School

The Aspen Grove School is a hands-on learning community for children ages 6 weeks – 5 years. Our goal is to introduce children across the age range to learning that is substantive yet playful. Within this community, children are made to feel emotionally safe, which is when they are able to learn best. Our instructional method teaches the way each child’s brain learns best and appreciates different strengths and learning styles.Our environment is purposefully enriched with experiences that enhance a child’s intellectual potential while celebrating this magical time of childhood.

Current Positions

The Aspen Grove School doesn't have any openings right now. Please check again later.

Our Values

We nurture
We nurture the magic and wonder of childhood, we nurture joyful growth, we nurture dreams, intentions, talent and ambition

We own the experience
We take responsibility at all levels for delivering an excellent experience 

We are curious 
We are life learners who foster curiosity, avoid complacency and aim to collaborate to elevate early childhood education in Philadelphia

We succeed together 
We are committed to building a connected and diverse ecosystem all parts of which contribute to excellence

We are grateful
We take genuine joy in our opportunity to serve, in the smallest milestone of each child, family and team member and always express praise and gratitude